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Pavillon/Pavilion ( is an exhibition which targets a climate of public perception neutralized by overt disinformation strategies, lies, and alternative facts. Collectively, our group challenges ideas and issues through individual visual and audio responses.

News Feed

A critique of the growing dis-information in the media. Misguided news articles are being created to encourage opinions that are not based on facts. Highlighted in News Feed are factual articles paired with false articles which display “alternative facts.” While News Feed presents both fictitious and real references, the viewer remains conflicted and unable to sort out the truth.

Talk @ You

Talk @ You highlights the role of the online comment, authored by someone hidden behind a screen. The videos flip the role of language – prioritizing the comment, rather than the content of the original post. Online posts are anonymous and authors can hide behind a screen. Here, the speakers read real comments from online posts. The text appears backwards to represent speaking from within the “anonymous” space of online communities.